VOYOU unites revolutionary innovation, timeless aesthetics and sustainability into a bold statement. Three novel technologies enable the optician to fully exploit his crafting skills and offer long-lasting and perfectly matched eyewear. 

Overstress protection

The patented ball hinge by VOYOU has a unique function: It enables the temple to yield or even dislocate if overstressed.

The removable hinge

The screwless hinge is not only an optical highlight: If a temple is dislocated due to overstress it can effortlessly be reattached within seconds. Exchanging temples couldn’t be easier.

The measuring frame

Our serial models are available in two sizes. If any of these frames should not fit perfectly, the client can benefit from our measuring frame. With its help, the optician will determine the client’s exact anatomical measurements. In this way, standard glasses become individually and perfectly fitted unica.

The measuring frame takes precise measurements of the total width, inclination, temple length and nasal spacing.

Afterwards the customized glasses will be produced individually for every client.
The conclusion: The measuring frame makes it possible for the optician to fully exert his craftmanship and achieve the best possible fitting.

A metal core

VOYOU glasses are the world’s first 3D-printed frames to possess a metal insert in the temple. Through this process the temple can be adjusted perfectly to the customer; as per conventional acetate glasses. If desired, the straight temple end can be bent behind the ear.

Exchangeable sport temples

VOYOU goes sports! Our glasses can be provided with exchangeable sport temples thanks to the hinges. The flexible end goes around the whole ear and ensures a perfect grip for an optimal sport experience. To determine the optimal length of the sport temples, the optician uses an adjustable measuring temple, which can be attached to the original frame. Afterwards, the sport temples can be produced individually for the client.

Less waste – more innovation

Since our glasses are 3D-printed on demand in Germany, we avoid long transport journeys. We counteract the overproduction that is common in the eyewear industry by producing in smaller batches with 3D printing right through to custom production. The idea of ​​sustainability also applies to our joint: Our patented ball hinge with overstress protection guarantees longevity.