VOYOU offers designer eyewear with a clear form language and the highest degree of individuality. Those who do not choose one of our color-coded serial models can freely combine the colors of frames and hinges as well as sunglasses lenses.

In addition VOYOU offers a unique way to the perfectly adapted custom model, which is realized via 3D printing.

Choose your style

Future. To be created now.

With a VOYOU custom frame you have all options: Find your model. Then choose the color for frame and hinge. Our advice: If you like the predefined frame color of a serial frame, you can change only the hinge color. Then you get a so-called plus frame with price advantage. In the case of custom or plus frames, a personal text with 24 characters can also be lasered in the temple or change the lens color with sunglasses.

32 optical frames
10 sunglasses
15 frame colors
5 hinge colors

Wähle aus vier Gelenkfarben: Gold, Roségold, Silber und Schwarz.

13 sunglasses colors

Voyou exclusively uses high-value glasses, which are antireflective, have a special hard coating and provide UV protection.

Individual laser text

For custom and plus glasses, you can have a personal text of up to 24 letters lasered into the temple.

Measure your Face

Feel the perfect fit!

For an individual adjustment, the optician uses our measuring frame, which is unique in the world. All the important parameters of our frames such as frame width, temple length, nose width, inclination and base curve, can be changed. If a series model does not fit perfectly, the measuring frame is a tried and tested tool to directly determine the optimal parameters directly on the customer. The measuring frame shows its advantages especially with ears of different heights: Thanks to them, different inclinations can be produced.

From analog to digital

The exact anatomical values ​​are transferred to a digital 3D program to produce the customized frame.

Let’s produce it!

Built for Tomorrowland!

Your VOYOU frame is lasered from the finest polyamide powder. Through this 3D-printing process ultra-light, very flexible and resistant frames are created layer by layer without limitation to their design. Thererafter, the frame is polished to smoothen the suface. Then follows the consistent coloring of the frame. Last, you can attach a personalised engraving in the temple.


3D-printed glasses are particularly lightweight and therefore have a high wearing comfort.

Adjust your temples

The finishing touch

With the world’s first technique for 3d-printed eyewear to adjust a temple with a metal insert you can adapt a frame to a customer’s face as with acetate glasses. Now the frame has firm grip at the head. In addition, the temple end can be bent behind the ear.

Reshapable temples

The optician can form the metal insert in the temple to the required shape. The new form is permanent as with acetate eyewear.