Arthelps x Voyou

VOYOU supports ARTHELPS, a social organisation, through a cooperation. Together, we have designed the UNHIDE sunglasses models, which are now sold as a limited edition. The surface of the frames bear the characteristic camouflage design of the social art project UNHIDE of the same title, yet with fine contour lines.

The ARTHELPS team visited the vast refugee camp near Mosul, North Iraq, close to the front line. In several workshops refugee children drew their dreams and hopes. The drawings were digitalised and became part of the applied camouflage pattern. UNHIDE makes the forgotten people of the tent city and their dreams visible.

Art is a language everybody understands.

Our model Tom Lupo is the founder of ARTHELPS. His organization already has eighty active volunteers. We are proud to support this gifted graphic designer and philanthropist.


Please support the projects of ARTHELPS by purchasing a pair of UNHIDE sunglasses.